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Meet Our Staff

Quality Assurance Oversight Committee (QAOC)

A "Quality Assurance Oversight Committee" (QAOC) takes responsibility for guiding the effective implementation of the Pathways Counseling Center's Quality Assurance Plan on an ongoing basis. The QAOC membership consists of the following members: Clinical Director; QA Officer; Administrative Manager; one representative of the Front Office Assistants; and at least two additional representatives from the Clinical Staff (participating on a rotating basis).

The QAOC meets on a regular basis (six scheduled meetings each year from September-June, with additional meetings scheduled as needed). Responsibilities of the QAOC include the following:

1. Ongoing review of the QA Plan implementation activities, including Quarterly Reports.

2. Review of any ongoing problems that cannot be resolved at the program element level, recommending actions to resolve these problems, and following-up to ensure correction takes place.

3. Ongoing consideration of policies and procedures and forms used with clients related to those policies and procedures.

4. Review of the QA Annual Report, making recommendations for follow-up and monitoring the progress of follow-up recommendations.

5. Review and approval of the QA Plan program outcomes and making recommendations each year of special indicators and thresholds for evaluation that represent high risk/high volume/problem prone areas of the agency operation.

6. Review and approval of any needed revisions of the QA Plan.

The QA Officer or Clinical Director chairs the QAOC meetings. Written minutes of all QAOC meetings are on file and are available to the Pathways community.

Dr. Pamela E. Hall, PSY.D.

Dr. Pamela E. Hall is the Clinical Director of Pathways Counseling Center. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She holds a Master's of Science in School Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical/Community Psychology from Pace University in New York City. She has over 25 years of clinical experience in treating a wide variety of mental disorders with a specialty in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, early childhood trauma and Dissociative Disorders. She is a former professor at Pace University and currently a professor at Nyack College where she teaches in the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling Mental Health Program. She is pleased to oversee Pathways and is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community clients we serve.

Carol Kemmerer

Carol Kemmerer is a member of our front office staff for over three years at Pathways. She has years of training and experience in banking and finance. Carol is part of the financial engine that runs Pathways. She does payroll, pays our monthly bills and reconciles our accounting issues. She is also available in the morning hours to assist with rescheduling appointments and greet clients who choose to come for morning-time therapy sessions.

Linda Feigenbaum

Linda Feigenbaum is our Front Office Manager who has been here for nearly thirteen years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Paterson State College, known today as William Paterson University. She was an English/Social Studies teacher for four and a half years in Verona, NJ. She also was an administrative assistant for 8 years.

Linda coordinates our entire intake process and will shepherd you through to the point of meeting your individual selected counselor. She meets with the Clinical Director weekly to review each intake and attempt to assign each case based on a salience of your emotional and financial needs. Linda herself extends graciously to each person who calls Pathways and will offer referrals to other facilities in cases where we cannot provide for your mental health needs. At Pathways, we care about each client who calls and we do our best to address your situation. Linda is our leader in this effort among many other office duties.

Pat O'Brien, LCSW

Joanne Shields, LPC

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